Partnerships ATEM in RF and microwave components range

Luc Alexandre - Partnerships

Since many years ATEM offers the products of different partners to answer to the needs of the customers which work in the fields of military, industrial and space domain.

SMC logoFor your standard, specific and powerful waveguide components needs, we invite you to discover the products of SMC :

SMC’s products are PASSIVE COMPONENTS (They do not create or amplify the signals. They only direct, attenuate or suppress it).

The main Characteristic of our product line is High Power Handling, Low Loss and Wideband. Used in Satellite Earth Stations, Radars, Satellites, Accelerators, Jamming Stations, etc… Structures are Rectangular or Double Ridge Waveguide and can have Coax or Waveguide interfaces.

Materials generally used are Copper, Aluminum, Brass or Invar. Finishing is either silver or gold plating. Chemical treatment is also common to prevent corrosion when plating is not necessary.