Quality & Environment

Logos Intertek 2015Specialized in the field of microwave, we constantly evolve our offer design and manufacturing of coaxial connections and sub- systems to meet the needs of our markets. Our Quality Policy Environment is based on our desire to satisfy our customers and all interested in our environmental performance parts.

This commitment is formalized by the certifications of our organization : ISO9001 depuis 2003, ISO14001 depuis 2011 and AS/EN 9100 depuis 2013.

These certifications complement our continuous improvement process and accompany our development in the aviation sector and defense on national and international markets.

Our objectives are to :

  • Nous assurer de la satisfaction de nos clients, in terms of quality and time,
  • Améliorer constamment le fonctionnement de nos processus, 
 especially emphasizing our efforts on our responsiveness and our technical expertise,
  • Gérer et suivre nos déchets industriels dangereux,
  • Réduire notre consommation d’énergie et de ressources naturelles (water, electricity),
  • Réduire nos émissions de CO2 pour nos déplacements,
  • Développer les compétences du personnel.

With this approach, we are willing to :

  • Répondre à l’ensemble des exigences réglementaires, legal and other,
  • Prévenir tout type de pollution.

The Quality Environment, Alexander LUC, ensure the implementation and monitoring of this policy. With pilot participation process and more generally all staff, he is responsible to maintain and continually improve our Quality Management System and Environment.

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