Customized for our activities

We have numerous means of production and tests such as:

  • VNA
  • flexible cable strippers
  • climatic chambers
  • binocular loupes
  • gas soldering irons (micro-torch)
  • pneumatic crimping tools
  • 3-axis pipe bending machines for semi-rigid coax cables
  • mechanical lathes
  • label and heat-shrink printers

We invest regularly to improve our production tool supply.
We concentrate on all our activities, from engineering to the quality control laboratory not forgetting the storage and production workshops.
We integrate components and cables and realize complete microwave subsystems with over 1500 references in stock.
ATEM also adapts and repairs faulty installations: fault analysis in microwave links between interconnected systems, reconfigurations, improvements, technical performance tests, etc.

The company also has an office in Montreal, Canada, an anchor for its R & D projects in Canada and, in the future, all the Americas. This antenna allows us to act today as a technical research and development partner for programs in collaboration with Canadian laboratories and industrialists to detect and reduce satcom (satellite communications, Projet AVIO) .
We are considering a new project on the propagation of Wi-Fi electromagnetic waves inside the aircraft cabin.



Atelier de Transmission Electro-Magnétique