"All alone you go faster but together we go further"

ATEM has a true partnership culture. Bonded with academic, industrial and institutional collaborators allows us to go further in our work of microwave expertise.

Academic partnerships

ATEM is building technological partnerships with laboratories in order to constantly provide State-of-the-art technologies. For years, we have built a trusting relationship with ONERA regarding POD instrumentation for flight testing on new radar and imaging systems. We also have an R&D project in Canada (AVIO 601) with Polytechnique Montréal and ETS on SATCOM interference. Recently, we began working with XLIM laboratory and CISTEME, its’ high technology transfer center, on our R&D roadmap which focuses on industrialization projects in the field of microwave interconnections and integrated antenna systems.

Industrial partnerships

ATEM expands its range of suppliers in the field of microwave frequencies, particularly in active and passive RF and microwave components. Thus, we have a partnership SMC, a Canadian company that designs and manufacturers tailor-made waveguides.
We also have a partnership with the company NAVETECHRADAR regarding the distribution of their radar sensors for the protection of francophone facilities in the event of safety issues.
With the acquisition of VN Composites, ATEM intends to develop joint synergies with VN Composites for greater efficiency and plan to rely on VN Composites for both mechanical conception and machining which are very useful for RF and microwave subsystems development and manufacturing.
Both companies also wish to propose more integrated products and services to offer their respective customers.

Navtech radar authorised Integrator
acquisition of VN Composites by ATEM

Institutional partners

Atem is a supplier to many defence programs and is therefore very close to the French Procurement Agency. We also have support from Bpifrance and the Provence-Alpes-Côte-d'Azur South Region. Atem had the vice-presidency of SAFE Cluster until the end of 2019 and more recently, we joined the ALPHA-RLH cluster in order to reinforce our partnerships on an academic level and to join the R & D Consortia on a European scale in field of expertise. In addition, the Sud Export team supports Atem's international development.


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