Studies, design, manufacturing, test and certification: ATEM guarantees its expertise during the entire chain of your project


Required expertise

For nearly 30 years, more than 2,000 customers have been able to test and experience our extensive knowledge of microwave expertise.
In Defense, Aeronautics, Telecommunications and Industry, major national and international accounts have solicited us because we know how to identify and select the right cable with the right connector(s) in all types of conditions and constraints related to their environment: embedded on aerial vehicles, land or sea, thermal vacuums, high temperatures, intense electromagnetic fields...


Listen, understand, adapt, achieve ... For ATEM, these verbs have always been synonymous with the quintessence of its commitment to its customers and partners. More than words, they reflect our values at every stage of our missions.
ATEM's engineering and design office studies the specificities of the environment described by its customers for the use of its coax cables and prepares plans, models and prototypes. The recommended solution is tested by its internal measurement and testing laboratory. We have the expertise necessary to implement a successful project concerning coax cable assemblies and radiofrequency and microwave subsystems.

Guaranteed performance

ATEM's cables, connectors and HF components stock (more than 1,500 references) allows them to react quickly and well, to any request, and to reduce our dependence on suppliers' delivery times. Assembly is done by hand in our workshops which guarantees performance quality.
We do complete unit testing of all our productions with 3 vector analyzers covering the band [0; 40 GHz].
We get all the certifications we require to serve with high stand in quality our customers: ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and EN 9100.
We integrate components and cables and create complete microwave subsystems.
ATEM also adapts and repairs faulty installations: fault analysis in microwave links between interconnected systems, reconfigurations, improvements, technical performance tests, etc.
Every need, every case is unique. We rise to the height of your expectations.

Certificat EN9100 ATEM
certification ISO 14001
certification ISO 9001


Atelier de Transmission Electro-Magnétique