Research and Industry

ATEM had numerous solicitated proposals in France and Canada on research and development projects, which attest to its technical ability to resolve the most delicate microwave problems.


Atem has been a manufactory company since its beginning and has developed its own capabilities and facility tool to match its development. Nevertheless, Atem would like to develop its own Research & Development roadmap to tackle its future stakes and puts in place its double strategy approaches:

Vertical approach – to move up the RF & microwave value chain

increase the RF & microwave engineering studies to support the development of our customers, PhD dedicated to millimeter detection and localization system with simplified antenna architecture, laboratory partnerships to finally become a small radar OEM

Horizontal approach – to offer connectivity solutions not only with coax cable assemblies:

Atem would like to integrate fiber optics within its interconnexion solution offer and launch R&D activities on Optical Wireless Communication (OWC) to propose tailor made connectivity solutions to our customers according to operational constraints.


We carry out numerous RF & microwave subsystems integrated into POD for the flight tests of new radar and imaging systems developed by ONERA.
We provide CNRS laboratories and universities to enable them to carry out their experimental research using robust and reliable coax cables assemblies in their various measurements. We also provide coax cables assemblies for the compatibility and electromagnetic susceptibility measurements of parts immersed in anechoic chambers.

recherches et développement



  • In the space sector, Ariane Group and Zodiac Data Systems (SAFRAN)...
  • In the railway industry, cabling systems for Wi-Fi deployment solutions on TGV trains by SNCF, French rail company. Alstom was looking for high performance level cables to equip monitoring systems on transformers and ATEM provided engineering and supplies to meet their needs.
  • In the industrial sector, the company provided its expertise to ST on system testing, to Dedienne on antenna systems, to Zodiac Aerospace on microwave subsystems...


Atelier de Transmission Electro-Magnétique