ATEM is an historical partner of key industrial players in the world of defence

Key player in radiofrequency and microwave field

In observation and reconnaissance missions, anticipation alerts or combat, the consequences of altered transmission or data loss could jeopardize armed force security.
ATEM brings essential technology in the performance of defense systems. We provide solutions for high power applications, for example, an efficient forwarding of radar signals to air and land surveillance systems where transmission congestion may occur (vibration, temperature…). We meet important electromagnetic protection needs and above all analyze the bending deflection of beams due to temperature variation which are essential technology in the performance of defense systems. We also intervene in all phases of the project cycle. Leading defense market players place their confidence in our company’s historic sector on strategic activities. We take part in various operations from the initial idea through to maintenance, proof-of-concept (POC), prototypes, pilot series parts, pilot runs, production, device modernisation…

Multi-clients in all fields of operation

ATEM provided solutions for several customers and defense systems :


Thales, a major industrial and technological player in aeronautics, space, transport, defence and security, is our main client. Our coax cables equip their radars:

  • Herakles, radar for aerial watch and fire control
  • MASTER PAON (Master Peacock
  • Ground Master (GM200, GM400), air defence radars
  • CROTALE (Rattlesnake) (short-range surface-to-air missile)

MBDA, European leader in the design and manufacture of missiles for all armed forces (air, sea, land) on MPCV (Multi-mission combat vehicle) ground defense, MICA (Missile Interception, Combat and Combat Missile, 'Self-defense'), METEOR (long-range air-to-air missile) in aeronautical defense, air defense missiles VL MICA Naval, Exocet and ANL (anti-light ship) missile in naval defense.
We aim to support MBDA on the future MICA NG (New Generation) missiles that will equip RAFALE aircraft from 2026. These air-to-air missiles, combat and self-defense missiles will be able to deal with new threats like drones, thanks to their reduced radar and infrared signatures.


SAFRAN Electronics and Defense, world leading supplier of products and services for optronic, avionics, electronics and critical software.
ATEM, among others, worked on their Patroller system, a surveillance drone for long-endurance civil and military missions that will equip the French army.

Level of expertise validated at the highest level

ministère des armées

DGA (French Procurement Agency)
ATEM provides coax cables assemblies for the maintenance and modernization of combat systems (surveillance and navigation radars) and Navy ships (such as the French aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle). ATEM also provides a number of microwave components for the conduct of tests within the framework of the development of defense systems in their test and expertise centers.


ONERA (the French aerospace Lab)
ATEM has been involved in the development of the RAMSES-NG (new generation) airborne radar detection and surveillance imaging system. This military device, presented as the "Swiss Army Knife" of SAR (Synthetic Aperture Radar) radar imagery, combines radar or optical sensors, hyperspectral cameras or electronic scanning antennas for higher precision and finesse of the information collected. in a theater of operations, at the best cost-benefit ratio. ATEM also mades the wiring of many test cases.

Other references...

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ARIANE GROUP: telemetry elements for ballistic missiles

Naval Group

NAVAL GROUP: European leader in Naval defense (design, construction and maintenance of submarines and surface vessels)


Atelier de Transmission Electro-Magnétique