Coax cable assemblies (DC-40GHz) high quality

Coax cable assemblies (DC-40GHz) high quality

Specialist in flexible and semi rigid microwave coax cable assemblies, Atem designs and manufactures high quality coax cable assemblies (DC-40GHz) .
Our experienced technicians realize at your request bespoke coaxial cable assemblies:

  • All types of coaxial cables, high flexibility, low loss, low smoke zero halogen (LSZH), phase matching, phase stability, DC-power assemblies, high temperature coax cable assemblies.
  • Semi-rigid & conformables assemblies.
  • All are fitted with the most common coax connectors : N, SMA, SMB, SMP, 
2.9mm, 2.4…

We also repair your coaxial assemblies :

Après analyse par notre Service Technique, a report and a quotation will be supplied for all modification or reconfiguration of your specific coax assemblies.
In this case, la nouvelle liaison est systématiquement accompagnée de sa fiche individuelle de mesures.


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