The 4 reasons to trust Atem as your partner for connectivity projects

partner for connectivity projects

Before the pandemic crisis, the IFEC market boosted the growth of Atem. The company has already equipped with its interconnection kits more than 300 airplanes around the world. All the AIRBUS family has our products on board except A220. Atem provides its customers with customized interconnection solutions for both each aircraft and airline. The Atem added value is well defined by the following assets:

1. The performance of our products: For 30 years, we have developed a strong worldwide supplier network which allows us to propose ultra-low loss coax cable, which is among the most performant on the market, to finally increase the data flow available for each passenger so the passengers can fully enjoy the experience of Wi-Fi on board. Getting access to connectivity for each passenger will be progressively mandatory in the future!

2. The dedicated support from our team: from the pre-sales activities to the integration of the IFEC system into the airplane, our commitment is to be totally dedicated to the success of the projects of our customers. We have the skills to design and customize the connection kits to the right needs of our customers and propose the most competitive solutions. We are also attractive to test the Radiofrequency & microwave performances of all the transmission chain including waveguides, adaptators and coax cable assemblies. We are not only manufacturing the coax assembly kits on-demand and test them with high standard (we are EN 9100 and PART 21-G on progress) but we are also able to support the integration team close to the airplanes

3. Attractive Time deliveries: thanks to both our ability to have strategic storage and our manufacturer team, we are able to propose attractive time deliveries, which is always a driving factor for aeronautics. Each aircraft is different and has its own configuration chosen by the airlines and we think this can make a huge difference if you are able to quickly adapt the connection kits to the right needs of the airlines

4. Cost attractiveness: our DNA is to be able to guarantee the quality, flexibility, and cost attractiveness for our customers. We are aware that we have the ability to supply our customers worldwide with customized connectivity at a lower price and a better time delivery than our competitors

Today airlines are suffering from the crisis and are not focused on the development of the services to their customers to enhance the passenger experience. All the on-board connectivity projects are frozen. Despite this catastrophic situation, we trust the future because people would like to travel around the world for both business and tourism activities. Connectivity is a must-to-have for airlines to attract passengers and passengers require more and more connectivity during their journeys. That is why we are confident about the future growth of this market and we would like to prepare to shaping the future of the connectivity with new customers:

- The connectivity providers: they design the IFEC systems. Our goal is to make our connection kits be part of the definition of their future systems;
- The design office with DOA (Design Organisation Approval) specialized in connectivity matters: they are in charge of some modifications to the design of the aircraft. Our goal is to support their activities and make our connection kits be part of their STC (Supplement Type Certificate);
- The MRO (Maintenance Repair Overal) with DOA : The are in charge of the cabine refurbishment. They are the capabilities to integrate new systems such as IFEC systems. Our goal is to support their activities and provide them with the best solutions to integrate with high performance the IFEC systems on behalf their customers

For all these aeronautic actors, we propose a short video to shed light on our assets to support efficiently and with high performance their business: « Your challenges are our motivation! ».


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